10 pictures from Romania. What do you see?

10 pictures from Romania. What do you see?

What cow signals do you see? Please share the cow signals and UNO's you notice.

Catalin Lungu 10.jpg
Catalin lungu 2.jpg
Catalin Lungu1.jpg
Catalin Lungu 8.jpg
Catalin Lungu 5.jpg
Catalin Lungu 6.jpg
Catalin Lungu 7.jpg
Catalin Lungu 3.jpg
Cataling Lungu 9.jpg

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animals are sorting feed
stale feed been fed
feed rail on some pens too low
all pens don't have access to fresh feed

horns are limiting entry through feed rail
antisucking device on lot of animals-vice
poor ventilation-dust on rafters and fan
light limited

not any cows lying down a lot loitering.
lunge space on cubicles limited due to the presence of a wall

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