10% of cows have knee wounds / bursas with fluid… Why?

10% of cows have knee wounds / bursas with fluid… Why?

Very often we get pictures with lesions, wounds or bursas with fluids on cows. If you see them in your own barn, or in a clients barn, use these questions as a checklist:

- What is the bedding?
- Is there a question of overstocking?
- Are there any cow flow obstructions?
- Are there any bars sticking out on this height (parlour? Cross overs?)
- Do they have the wounds on both sides?

Very likely the cause is lying on wet and hard or abrasive surfaces. This is caused by a lack of bedding material or the lack of a soft bed at all. You see it often in combination with lameness, which makes it worse.

Do you have any additional thoughts on the subject? Please share them below!
Let's prevent these wounds together.

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