`On a well-organized farm, 90 percent of the cows can calf without any help"

Video of calving management of farmer Thijs van Beers, the Netherlands. By Veeteelt

Veeteelt wrote a great article on calving. They claim that 90% of all cows can calve without any help, if the farm is well-organized farm. Key factors are rest and breeding. For the article two farmers, professor Geert Opsomer and our own Joep Driessen are interviewed. Having a good protocol is key in preventing problems around calving. These are our best tips:

  • Have a stress-free calving line for three weeks before and three week after birth
  • Remove the calf from the dirty straw yard
  • Put the calf in a seperate cuddle box, where the mother can still lick her
  • Milk to cow as soon as possible
  • Feed the calf colostrum
  • Stimulate feed intake for the mother bu putting feed under or on the calf

Read full article by Veeteelt (Dutch)>>

YoungStock Signals

Young stock rearing costs around 3 cent per liter of milk on a well-run farm, as against 5 cent on a poorly run farm. A lot of problems around calving can be prevented, if you manage the proces right.

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Joep Driessen

Calves will drink 3-4 liter colostrum voluntary from a nuckle, if you feed the calf directly within 30 minutes after calving!
Feeding colostrum with a TEAT is better then with a tube.
Best is to feed colostrum from OWN mother, so milk the mother WHILE she is licking her calf: a lot less stress leads to more and better colostrum. Use the COWSIGNALS CUDDLE BOX principle!
Only 1 out of 20 Calves will not drink voluntary or mothers have poor colostrum. Then you have to use other colostrum and tube feeding.
So tube feeding is only needed for weak calves.
Better feeding of dry cows and a good stress-free calving line will provide more VITAL calves.

Take care out there, kind regards Joep Driessen

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